Information Services Otago Limited

37 Sunbury Street
Andersons Bay
New Zealand

Telephone +64 03 454 6738
Fax +64 3 454 6808



if you need to capture it, process it, store it, retrieve it, present it, publish it or search for it

we can help

with these professional information services

Executive Relief

  • When you need more time, but not more staff; we can help

Systems Analysis and Design

  • When you need  a review of systems or procedures, requirements definitions,  functional specifications, system evaluations or  program specificationswe can help.

System Testing

  • When you need

    • periodic reviews of your web site for accuracy, consistency and currency;

    • tests for new systems’ conformity to design specifications and best practice

    • regression tests to prove system modifications

    we can help.

Documentation Services

  • When you need professional systems and procedures documentation – without disrupting day-to-day activity - we can help.

Office Automation

  • When you need to reduce the time spent on repetitive office tasks; we can help.


  • When you need to create or improve sales and training presentations, publications or videos; we can help.


  • When you need to search for published material on any topic under the sun; we can help.